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Code List Generator Tool Provide the code list for which you wish to generate schema.

Load Code List

Build an XML Schema file for code sets from an Excel spreadsheet. Use the sample spreadsheet as a template for generating: template.xls. For section 508 compliance, it is possible to view this file with: Excel Viewer

The first row will be used as the type name. The second row is the definition of the code set that will be used as the definition of the type. The third row labels the columns as Code and Description. And the rest of the spreadsheet is the codes and the definitions. The Spreadsheet can have multiple tabs. Each tab will be used as a new Type and Simple Type.

Here is an example zip file generated from the template:

The namespace schema location will specify the file to use for the codelist schema.

The Namespace Prefix will be used as the prefix in the schema file and also as the name of the file.
 Namespace Prefix
The namespace URI will be used as the target namespace of the schema file.
 Namespace URI
The namespace definition will be used in the schema documentation.
 Namespace Definition
 Namespace Schema Location (example input: local/codes/schema.xsd)
The namespace version will be used as the schema version of the file.
 Namespace Version
The Excel Code List Spreadsheet will be used to generate the schema. A template spreadsheet is provided.
 Code List Excel Spreadsheet